Monday, October 10, 2011

. . . .choose your own adventure

Well, it started on a warm, sunny October day. I was just getting ready for school when all of a sudden I here a load "thump." Oh gosh! It scared the day lights out of me. I went to go check out what happened when. . .

If I could lean anything. . .

If I could learn anything, I would love to learn how to cook like a chief. I think that cooking is very interesting and would just absolutely love to learn it. I would like a wear one of those white, tall chief hats and cook in a restaurant. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to cook anything. But I guess there is a first time for everything!

After School Activities

Dancing-not my thing
Basketball-NO WAY! but fun to watch
Football-Love going to the games!
But the one activity that I absolutely love most is volleyball.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship? 

This refers to a person who participates in society using a certain amount of information technology. What one should do would be to stay safe and don't trust anyone no matter what or who they say they are. What one shouldn't do would be to posting personal stuff about oneself and giving out too much information. 
!!!!!!!!!STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!

What type of user am I on the web?

Creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators, in-actives. . .What are you? 
I personally am a mixture of creators, collectors, and joiners. I do all these three types of things on the web. My father would probably be a creator and a joiner while my mother would probably a collector. My grandparents would definitely be in-actives for sure.
In a way, I would say that maybe the infographic maybe has changed a little in a way by their being everyone from ages 12 (and probably younger) to 62+ joining Facebook. This social website is very popular in this day and time. 

My favorite tool

Hey all you bloggers out there! 
Just wanted to let you know about my favorite tool(s) to embed on my blog. My favorite would be adding photos of you, your friends, your family onto the blog. I like making my blogging site a cool place to view. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My digital footprints

Well I didn't actually realize the footprints that I do leave behind. I noticed that not I only have put up things about me but others have too! How creepy is that? But I think that I should be more cautious about what websites and such that I join and what I give others my information on. It's crazy what the world has come to now about being careful because there are so many creepers out there who want to still ones identity. CRAZINESS!!!